The Garden and its Wonders.....

The Garden @ The Vale


Tucked away on a secluded estate adjacent to Penrose State Forest,
The Vale is a hidden gem in the gardens of the Southern Highlands. 

The Tasmanian Rainforest

Tasmanian rainforest, rainforest, dixonia antartica

The crown jewel of the garden is its Tasmanian Rainforest which comprises of 20 stunning specimen of man ferns for a total of over 2000 years of growth. 

The Resident Animals

alpacas and sheep, alpaca, sheep, alpacas, nature, The Vale

The Vale is home to a varied array of animals: two alpacas that protect a flock of 5 Dorper sheep. Chickens, Indian Runner Ducks and Pomeranians can be also spotted on the grounds.

The Fruit Orchards


An older and two less mature orchards are scattered though the grounds. The best time to visit to is late summer, when the majority of the trees is producing ripe fruits: peaches, figs, quinces and apples are just a very small example of what The Vale produces.

The Japanese Garden


This part of the garden takes its name from the beautiful specimen of Japanese Maple that dominates the area with its rich red tones. A young Illawarra Flame Tree has started projecting itself harmoniously into the space.

The Rose Harbour


A recently built structure, the Rose Harbour at The Vale already shows all of its potential with a diverse array of bright coloured roses that bloom from late spring till late summer.  

The Secret Garden


Founded as a shelter for our plants during the cold winters of the Southern Highlands, the Secret Garden has now become one of The Vale's favourite places to relax. A collection of potted plants adorn the area, which perfectly blends the harshness of the steel and concrete with the softness of Mother Nature's touch. 

Book a Private Viewing of the Garden


We are very proud of our garden and we enjoy to show people around it.

We offer private guided tours from late September till early May. Each season showcases its natural beauty thanks to the wide array of colours.

Get in touch with us to arrange a private guided viewing.

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